Unit Policies


With the awareness of the fact that financial resources are an important service tool, the main goal of the chamber members, as contributors to the socio-cultural life of their members and their agricultural stakeholders, is to become a party in their own markets as an actor in the national and international dimension. It aims to raise awareness for improving investment environments by developing strong commercial policies in line with this main objective of financial resources; is used in the direction of activities that ensure sustainable and investment that promotes quality production and economic utilization of resources.


To enable members to easily communicate their wishes, suggestions and complaints; to evaluate these requests quickly, effectively, objectively, fairly and confidently, to find and implement solution-oriented, feasible solution proposals. To bring our quality standards to a higher level and provide fast and quality service in line with our vision and mission. To determine the training needs of the members and to organize trainings to our members and employees of our members. Güler face to serve members. Encourage members to make domestic and foreign investments.


With a strong corporate background, we will continue to provide services to our members by providing quality services at world standards, facilitating the professional activities of our members, ensuring the stable growth of our rooms and attaining international identity in the field by following the sectoral developments and technological innovations in the room operations. to obtain guidelines and to increase the quality level in line with the developing technology.


To provide the sharing of up-to-date data using the latest information and communication technology tools to ensure that the developments in industry and trade reach their stakeholders in the fastest and most accurate manner; It is the main communication policy of the Chamber of Commerce to share information that will enable members to be among the global actors in industry and commerce.


The Chamber of Commerce sees each employee as a separate individual and other value. The policy it follows is to train teamworkers and team members who are able to take on business responsibilities based on ethical rules, and to create a team of qualified individuals who can comprehend this mentality in the light of technological developments.